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I’d like to talk about my new novel ‘The Seer’s Wolf’…I’d like to share an excerpt from the story: …The strongest of Clover’s visions always behaved like that, coming and going outside time’s measurement, starting from a dot of colour, moving swiftly closer to become match box sized at reading distance and showing the tiniest detail, and then, just when she realised its significance, retracting, passing back to a dot and beyond into the nothingness box of the universe, where, she believed it sat curled up.

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  1. Hi Barbara, just like to say i read your book back in October and i found it very interesting and captivating in fact at times i found it hard to put it down, on the odd occasion i could guess what was comming but most of the time it was totally surprising. Will there be a follow up? if so I look forword to reading it.

  2. Barbara has succeeded in writing a well crafted story, taking the reader into a world of diverse characters with interesting personalities and mysterious inter-connections. She has painted a realistic and meaningful picture of 1950s New Zealand life, coloured with the complexities of relationships between individuals and in this process, has incorporated additional factors to make the story line both unusual and compelling to read.

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